Ubuntu Studio is looking for help
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I realised I have not written on this site about Ubuntu Studio, even though I used it myself for quite a while. And for creative professionals, it is a great Linux music production distribution with lots of Audio, Video and Graphics applications installed by default. The main advantage I got from it, is that it enabled me to get my ADAT card working. Something other distributions could not do by default. This means there is some great hardware detection in Ubuntu Studio. And although the title of this article might suggest otherwise, it is a thriving distribution. So what's with the help then? Here is what they are looking for:

On his blog the lead developer of the Ubuntu Studio distribution is calling out for help. Not necessarily because things are not going good, but primarily to keep the momentum going and prevent the project from stalling. In it he also explains why some less important suggestions (wallpapers for example) are not picked up: not because they are not interesting, but because the team needs the available resources to keep Ubuntu Studio functional and improve. It is a good idea to start looking for additional people and resources before a project goes downhill, which is why I link to it here.

ubuntu studioUnfortunately I can't participate in the development of Ubuntu Studio myself. Among other reasons because I chose a different distribution for my project studio as explained here. And also because I am involved in other projects (for now unrelated to Linux music software unfortunately) But I gladly forward his request so that perhaps you can participate in this great project.

The "job board"

What exactly are they looking for? For the exact details, I would recommend you read Scott's original post. But among the areas they need help are the website, the documentation, art direction and artwork. As you can see, there is no great emphasis on programmers (although they are welcome as well!). This is because Ubuntu Studio is a distribution, bringing together the work of various other projects. And as it is based on Ubuntu, it also benefits from their development work as well. Putting a distribution (or application) together is not just about programming. There are lots of other aspects to it as well, and this is mainly where Ubuntu Studio could use some help.

When contributing to Linux software, do not think it requires a major commitment or a lot of time. Of course you need to put in some time, but there is also a lot of lighter work requiring less effort and time. Even small contributions move a project forward. You could for example provide audio, video or graphic art to share on the web site. Open Source software is great, but it requires commitment from people like us to keep it moving. And even the little bits help!

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